Top 5 Reasons for Printing and Buying Print to Standards

Not all printers love standards: Some like to think that they already print “beyond” the standards; others feel that printing to standards is an unnecessary burden that gets in the way of production. Here’s why printing and buying to standards is the best thing that ever happened to printers and buyers alike:

1.    Printing to standards puts all printers on a level playing field. Equipment lists are fine, but jobs are ultimately judged on quality. The printer who can show his skill printing to standards can compete with anyone, even the big guys with the latest equipment.

2.    Buying print to standards gives the brand owner access to a wider pool of qualified printers. The old model of basing print decisions on personal relationships limited access to only a small number of printers, usually within a local geographical area. Buying print based on standards allows the buyer/brand owner to all printers capable of hitting the specifications accurately.

3.    Using print standards offer clear guidelines to continuous improvement. Print standards are based on specific measurable targets, so tracking adherence shows exactly what areas need improvement. Intelligent software also shows exactly what needs to be done to improve results without guesswork.

4. Buying print to standards assures consistent quality throughout print campaigns. Verifying print quality to standards ensures brand integrity through scientific, repeatable measurement and data evaluation of packaging.

5.   Not everybody can do it. Like so many other things, “Hitting the Numbers” is easy once you know how; but not everybody knows how. Mastering standards puts the printer who can do it into an elite group defined by quality.


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3 Responses to Top 5 Reasons for Printing and Buying Print to Standards

  1. Rick Moynihan says:

    I recently conducted a survey aimed at quantifying the impact on printers who embraced The G7 Calibration Methodology. I would add; enhanced quality, lower operating cost and consistency to the above mentioned.

  2. PCA Printing says:

    Standards are all you have when it comes to the end product. The experience of a press operator and the attention to detail on a press run is what separates the good printers from the rest. Good one!

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