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How Many Colors Do You Need?

Most printers and print buyers are familiar with color bars used to maintain quality, but how many color patches do you really need? And which ones? How do we find the balance between not enough information and too much? The … Continue reading

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The Quality Paradox: When High-End Printers Struggle with Standards

We know why average printers struggle with standards and consistency; but why do the highest-quality printers sometimes find the same issues so challenging? It’s easy to understand why mediocre printers have difficulty hitting print standards. They frequently lack the required … Continue reading

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Not Just How Well….but How, as Well

It’s understood that print buyers are concerned with quality and price, and printers are concerned with efficiency and profitability; but a recent presentation by Martine Padilla made me realize that these goals are not only not in conflict, but are … Continue reading

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Moneyball Lessons

A recent airline trip lead me to do something I rarely do: watch a baseball movie. But “Moneyball: Winning at an Unfair Game” is not your usual sports flick, and the lessons it teaches about trusting analysis over instinct and … Continue reading

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