Can we really tell how well a pressrun will match a proof will look by measuring a few patches on the tail of the sheet? A lot of old time pressmen will tell you that it’s impossible, that “We’re not selling color bars”, and that there is no substitute for careful eyeballing on press.

Well, some smart decision makers are finding that crunching the right data can lead to uncannily accurate predictions on everything from the price of next year’s Bordeaux to future world population to how long your marriage will last. It’s called Supercrunching, and the concept is causing quite a bit of excitement. They are doing it “by the numbers”, and in many cases, are doing it when the stakes are very high.

So why is it that so often, we don’t do it in the pressroom. What if I told you that, based on just three measurements, taken in under 10 seconds, that I could predict with better than 90% accuracy how well a press sheet would match a proof. Supercrunching on press works, and if you aren’t doing it, you may be missing the best way to imp[rove productivity and quality.

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