Print and Brand Identity. Why Don’t We Analyze?

Brand owner used analytics to establish their color image. So why don’t they do the same to maintain the integrity of their printed colors?

Marketing is one of the most analytics-driven activities imaginable, yet even with powerful color reporting now available for print, brand owners still rely on unreliable eyeball judgment to evaluate the accuracy of their brand colors in print.

Why this disconnect? Is it because the same people who use objective analysis to gauge buyer’s most subjective and interior responses to their brand image feel that color somehow escapes this sort of scrutiny? Or is it because, even after mastering the intricacies of metadata analysis of complex marketing campaigns, color accuracy verification seems just too complicated to approach?

I imagine that it may be a bit of both. The idea that “color is just too subjective to measure” has been deeply  ingrained in print culture for decades, and well-meaning efforts to promote print specifications has at times created a cloud of confusion and technical jargon that is off-putting to the print buyer of brand manager.

So, how about a new start, based on what is available today?

Print buyers and brand owners can now analyze and track the accuracy of the color reproduction on their collateral and packaging print products. Using available and affordably equipment and software, printers can now provide their brand owner clients with meaningful data confirming accurate match to approved brand color targets.

And it doesn’t need to be complicated. We all know how to interpret a cumulative test score: an 80% score is better than a 60% score, and a 90% score is better than an 80%score. Print delivered with a detailed scoresheet based on industry-recognized metrics can easily be understood even by a non-specialist, and gives the buyer a clear guide to evaluation of print quality from all their print vendors.

Color is one of the most important factors in the brand identity of any product or company. Print color accuracy deserves the same level of analysis that goes into the overall marketing program.

I always keep my posts informative and product promotion-free. If you are a buyer, brand owner or printer interested in the subject of color communication, please check out my other posts and browse my website for more information on achieving effective prep-press collaboration. If you would like to learn more about process control and brand color verification with pressSIGN, please click here. Or contact me directly at

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