pressSIGN Pro V9

pressSIGN 9 makes achieving consistent color standards easier and faster. Increased automation in creating jobs and projects as well as notification of problems and successes speeds up the whole concept of quality control.

Main features of pressSIGN 9

Automatic Scheduling of reports for everyone

pressSIGN has included powerful search and filtering options for quite some time. These searches can be displayed in the pressSIGN Mobile client. Version 9 permits users to generate an email with these reports on a regular basis.

For example, the head of pre-press may want to know on a weekly basis the scores for TVI or Grey Balance in order to check whether tonal adjustments need to be made. The Account Manager will want to understand how well jobs have been printed for his most important clients. The production manager will want to know how each press is performing and the make-ready times that have been achieved on a daily basis. The MD can get a daily report on the quality achieved from all the presses in the print shop. The options are endless.

No-one has to go into pressSIGN in order to have these PDFS delivered directly to their inbox.

Scheduling is only available in pressSIGN GPM.

New PDF reports

The PDF reports have been completely redesigned to make them more attractive to read with more detailed information that easier to access. Here is a link to a sample report

The PDF Reports can be customised to include only the information needed and in the order required.

Projects and Jobs

Many users have wanted to gather jobs together that are associated but may have different targets and naming conventions. There is now the option to create projects and as well as jobs. Jobs are children of Project as a whole is given a score based on the average score of every job in the project.

This is particularly useful for companies that have integrated pressSIGN with their MIS or a Pre-press workflow like Apogee which also associate several impositions with an overall project like a book with cover and contents.

Asymmetric Presses

Perfecting presses can often be configured with more a different number of units on each side of the perfecting. For example, an eight color presses maybe set up with 6 units on one side and 2 units on the back, pressSIGN can be configured to accurately reflect this type of arrangement and at the same time work with that press when the perfecting is turned off and the press runs straight.

Automode enhanced

An increasingly important feature of pressSIGN Pro and GPM is Automode which involves automatically setting up jobs and populating them via data from 3rd party measurement devices and/or workflows. The number file types and the complexity of files that can be parsed through Automode has been enhanced in version 9.

Techkon for Mac

pressSIGN 9 will now allow direct plug-in of the Techkon SpectroDens on a Mac enabling users to measure both proofs and press sheets with this popular measurement device that can handle all measurement modes.

More to come

A host of new features will be added to pressSIGN 9 in the coming months.

For more details on all the above features please download the PDF New Features in pressSIGN 9


Download a demo version today by creating an account and following the links