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pressSIGN-PrintBuyer V 8

pressSIGN-PrintBuyer monitors and evaluates the colour printing process for litho, digital, flexo and gravure. pressSIGN-PrintBuyer provides an objective assessment of the printed sheet simply by reading the pressSIGN colour bar.

Create print standards based on internationally recognised targets or your own customized settings. Lock the standard and export the target to your print supplier. Measure a printed sheet to check the print quality against the standard you have set.

pressSIGN-PrintBuyer allows both buyer and supplier to agree objectively on quality standards.

pressSIGN-PrintBuyer V8 main features

  • Scores the measurement against the print target giving a colour coded overall score making it easy to assess the print job or measurement.
  • Print targets – all international standards supported. Print targets fully customisable
  • Spot Colours – includes Pantone libraries for measuring and controlling four colour processes plus two spots, create custom spot libraries
  • Use pressSIGN OnLine to receive production reports from your printer

Why Print Buyers choose pressSIGN printers

Many of the world’s largest print buyers insist their suppliers use pressSIGN for a number of important reasons. We recommend that print buyers ask their supplier to take a measurement of the pressSIGN colour bar every ten minutes during the print run, mark them up and keep these measured sheets in the job bag for up to 3 months. The sheets can then be sent to the print buyer and double checked for conformity using pressSIGN-PrintBuyer. For most jobs this won’t be necessary as the buyer can rely on the pressSIGN production report to certify how the job was printed.

When using a pressSIGN printer you can receive a detailed production report immediately at the end of the job via pressSIGN OnLine.

You can set spot colours from the built-in Pantone® libraries or create your own spot colour libraries and export the library to your print suppliers.

Production Report

While Certification schemes such as FOGRA, UGRA and GRACol are very useful in helping printers to introduce the controls necessary to meet international standards. These programs say nothing about individual jobs and most particularly about your job. The value of the pressSIGN certified production report is that it shows the scores for all the measurements their frequency and timing.

By using a pressSIGN printer you can receive a production report that has been automatically upload to pressSIGN OnLine. The pressSIGN certification report tells you all you need to know about your job. Are there big gaps between measurements or are they regular and frequent? Does the score vary during the print run? How long did the whole job take and much more. Rather than being shown one sheet, the pressSIGN production report gives you the full story.

As necessary, use pressSIGN-PrintBuyer to check the accuracy of the production report by measuring the sheets yourself.

Print Targets

pressSIGN-PrintBuyer contains all the internationally recognised print standards, but not every job needs to be printed according to ISO or GRACol. pressSIGN provides the flexibility to create any type of print target.

Create a print target in pressSIGN-PrintBuyer from any of the international standards, a previous job or any CMYK ICC profile. Customise the tolerances and scoring to meet your needs. Lock the print target and export it to the pressSIGN printer. Now both printer and buyer have objective assessment criteria. It is simple and easy for both the printer and the print buyer to understand.

pressSIGN contains all the internationally recognised print standards and all their paper types. Select from ISO 12647-2, 12647-3, ISO 12647-4, ISO 12647-6, GRACol, Japan Color or ISO 15339.

Use a CMYK ICC profile as the print target. When using an ICC profile as the print target you can measure the substrate and pressSIGN-PrintBuyer will adjust the profile to take into account the paper. This adjusted profile can then be exported from pressSIGN and used in pre-press for proofing. Now you will know how the job should really look before committing to print.

If you are not sure about the substrate allow pressSIGN to automatically adjust the target based on the white point of the paper.

Make the print target a previous job. Printers have always found it difficult to match a re-print. By reading the colour bar pressSIGN captures the way the job was originally printed making it easy for the printer to match the re-print. Print buyers can use pressSIGN-PrintBuyer to do the same. Export the standard generated by measuring the colour bar from one printer to another ensuring all jobs match.

pressSIGN Scoring & Tolerances

Use pressSIGN’s default tolerances based on ISO 12647-2 or customise the tolerances to suit the job. pressSIGN comes with a default scoring system. This can be customized by the user.

Now both print buyer and print supplier have objective criteria by which to judge the print performance.

Spot Colours

pressSIGN includes the Pantone® Libraries. Create custom libraries in pressSIGN by measuring a swatch, importing CxF or CGATs files or type in a Lab value Export the custom libraries to the printer.

Know that a pressSIGN printer will be using exactly the same spot colour targets. pressSIGN will show the printer how to adjust the spot colours in order to achieve the lowest possible delta e. pressSIGN printers won’t be using an old Pantone reference guide to match the colours, they’ll be using the spectral data supplied by Pantone or the print buyer’s custom spots.

pressSIGN-PrintBuyer supported devices

Use any of the following spectrophotometers with pressSIGN-PrintBuyer

  • X-Rite Eye Pro
  • X-Rite i1 Pro2
  • X-Rite SpectroEye
  • X-Rite 530
  • Barbeiri LFP

Measure the colour bar as a single strip with the Eye-One or i1 Pro2 or measure the colour bar in individual patch mode.

Dynamic Density Adjustment

When you give a job to a pressSIGN user you know that he has the tools to meet the standards you have set. pressSIGN’s Dynamic Density Adjustment (DDA) ensures that the operator is always achieving the closest colour match to the press target whatever the ink, paper or press environment. On each new job pressSIGN recalculates the correct density adjustment based on the current conditions. In fact, pressSIGN only needs to read one patch to know how to adjust the density.

Each measurement is scored

Every measurement is given a score and colour coded to make it easy to decide how well that sheet was printed. The sheet is given an overall score which is further broken down into different measurement criteria.

The job criteria measured and scored are

  • Primary colours
  • Spot colours
  • TVI
  • Grey Balance
  • Overprints – Lab and Trapping
  • Sheet consistency
  • Consistency against an OK or accepted sheet
  • Paper colour

Colour Bars

Import CGATs or CxF data files and make these the print target files. pressSIGN version 5 gives the user huge flexibility to determine what will be measured. pressSIGN-PrintBuyer can measure from 1 to six colors including two spot colors.

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