PressSIGN revolutionizes process control for printers of all sizes.

One of the most powerful tools that we have found, and the single exception to our “no single product” approach is the PressSIGN family of products, in fact, PressSIGN is the only product that we explicitly endorse on the Color Clarity website.

PressSIGN has applications for alls areas of printing, offset, digital, flexo  and large format. PressSIGN harnesses the power of available sprctrophotometers from X-Rite, Techkon and Barberti to transform any printing process into a modern and efficient print manufacturing system.


The PressSIGN suite of products includes applications for every stage of the production process including:

ProofSIGN for quick verification of proofing accuracy

PressSIGN Buyer for evaluation of printed jobs

PressSIGN Pro for the ultimate in pressroom control

PressSIGN 6.0 is loaded with new features making it an even more powerful tool than ever.

  • Measure up to 16 spot colors
  • Dynamic Density Adjustment
  • Read or generate any color bar configuration
  • Automatic substrate adjustment
  • OK Sheet
  • Dynamic softproof
  • MISS for Brand Managers

Click on the link below to see all the new features in the new PressSIGN Pro 5.0:

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