pressSIGN 9.2 Improvements since last price increase

pressSIGN Features Added from V6 to V9.2


[Client Features]

– PantoneLive support (PantoneLIVE subscription required)

– Create press targets with a density value assigned for CMYK(beta)

– Changed dryback system wording to be Printed / Finished. Wet becomes ‘Printed’, Dry becomes ‘Finished’

– Updated toolbar layout

– Filter measurements in a job by device type.

– Filtering by device or front/back does not reload the job.

– Color Sentinel CSS-110 Support {Windows Only}

– {Auto Mode} PDF Plate adjustments is based on the report type (Whole Job / Production / Measurement) and supports 4CX, NPDC and TVI.

– {Auto Mode} SVF 1 files 100 CMY patches detected by closest colour.

– Updated Job Spot preview.

– Heidelberg Easy Control Files

– {Softproof} Select Individual CMYK Separations.

– {Softproof} Improved measured inkzone preview speed.

– {Softproof} Info Window shows estimated measured Lab values per ink zone.

– Custom target tolerance sets.

– Lab / Density adjustment view moved to preferences window.

– Density adjustment shows absolute value or percentage

– {Mac} Dark Mode support

– {Mac} Minimum OSX 10.10 Required.

– Project times are averaged on the open job window.

– Techkon Spectrodrive WLAN WifiChannel Selection.

– Import AGFA Apogee color book files

– X-Rite i1IO Table X/Y Scan for measuring irregular colour bars.

– {Win} Ctrl-S & {Mac} Command S scan shortcut.

– Projects can be created across sites

– {Open Job} Open/Close all Projects using the ‘Alt’ key.

– {Open Job} Search for jobs by colour bar, measurement name or device(only new/updated jobs)

– {PDF} All patch delta E tolerances are based on the individual patch, rather than the maximum delta E in the standard.

– {Standards} option to make Grey balance and custom CMYK patches relative to measured paper or absolute values.

– {Standards} Creating a standard from a measured sheet saves all the patches.

[License Server Features]

– PantoneLive support (PantoneLIVE subscription required)


[Client Features]

– {Auto Mode} Files are not moved if an identical file already exists at the destination.

– {Auto Mode} Files are not imported if an identical measurement already exists in the job.

– {Auto Mode} Files can be left in place.

– {Auto Mode} Keep empty folder option.

– {Mac} MacOS 10.14 Mojave support (fixed crash if you don’t reply to the Image Events dialog)


[Client Features]

– {Auto Mode} Files are not moved if an identical file already exists at the destination.

– {Auto Mode} Files are not imported if an identical measurement already exists in the job.

– {Auto Mode} Files can be left in place.

– {Auto Mode} Keep empty folder option.

– {Auto Mode} Prinect 2019 Support

– {Auto Mode} ManRoland files can be imported during printing without duplicates.

– {Auto Mode} Density only SVF files can be imported.

– Scrollable ‘New Job’, ‘Job Settings’, ‘Install’, ‘Add Standard’ windows for small screens.

– Softproof images are updated automatically in Auto Mode.

– Curve3 CGATS file export.


[New Client Features]

– Turn off ink zones per colour


[New Client Features]

– Softproof images are shown in PDF reports

– NPDC grey balance images can be shown in the Summary Screen.

– Apogee XML Curve set updates.

– Database table update for job syncing(May take a while to complete)


[New Client Features]

– Midtone spread shown in the PDF reports.

– Upgrading from a demo license resets the database.

– MANRoland project ID support

[New Web Server Features]

– Web job view shows jobs and projects.


[New Client Features]

– Jobs can be divided into Projects and sheets.

– Move Jobs into project,

– Add sheets into projects

– Copy existing jobs/projects and sheets

– New PDF Report Designer

– Create PDF styles and choose which sections are included.

– Auto Mode default PDF Style

– Estimated targets and density ranges in standard are calculated and displayed for spot colours.

– Density numbers are shown for spot colours using either a Spectral Density value, or CMYK depending on if the target colour has spectral values.

– Asymmetric perfecting press support.

– {Mac} Techkon SpectroDens support

[New Server Features]

– Create an email schedule for reports.

– Send reports either on a schedule or on a trigger.

– Send reports to multiple recipients.

– Reports can be generated as PDF, HTML or XML.


[New Client Features]

– Auto Mode Aliases can search through an entire file for Template matches.

– CxF import xml supports any XML namespace.


[New Client Features]

– Send data to Schawk! ColorDrive servers

– Auto Mode sends error messages from a dedicated Chat operator.

– Removed Auto Mode restriction on Which Chat Operator can receive messages.

– iGem track can start a scan from the black button.

– SVF Files use supplied density values if they were measure with a polarization filter.

– Set minimum dot for adjustment curves using a slider

– Generate report button on the Auto Mode window.

– New ISO 12647-7 Proofing label.

– Filter Spot libraries by Measurement Condition (M0/M1/M2/M3/unknown)

– M0/M1/M2/M3 Pantone+ libraries included.

– Separate floating score window.

– Selecting a G7 standard or G7 tolerance preset automatically sets the Cyan, Magenta and Yellow tints to be G7 compliant.

– Auto Mode: Job settings priority is File->Template->Default. This helps if a file has a settings which does not exist in the database.

– .MIF file spot library import.


[New Client Features]

– PRO JDF Support in Auto Mode.

– PRO PPF Support in Auto Mode.

– PRO Heidelberg Prinect API 2017 Auto Mode.

– PDF spot colour report improvements

– Option to always restart in Auto Mode.

– Export a closed loop file manually using a menu shortcut. File->Export->Closed loop

– PDF trend graphs have axis labels

– Configurable delay for Auto mode and hot folder mode.

– {Windows} Auto Mode tray icon has the application icon and current active state.

– Open job window optimisations

– Trim empty spot colour libraries.


[New Client Features]

– Add a png logo to your PDF reports. Logos are added in the Site window.

– New Ryobi 900 series parser for Auto Mode.

– {Windows} Updated Windows SDK for better window display quality.

– eXact XP support

– Prinect Image Control file support for ‘PROCESSSTANDARD’ tag to select the press target in Auto Mode.

– Selecting a Template in the New Job Window shows which items are saved within the template and whether they are still available.

– Add / edit a template directly from the Auto Mode window.

– Ability to hide the in-built spot libraries from lists.

– Techkon SpectroDens Wifi Mode.

– PDF production diagrams are only drawn for multi zones jobs in production reports.

– PDF TVI diagrams are scaled for all colours.

[Database Server Features]

– Set the maximum memory allocation for the database during install for shared usage servers.


[New Client Features]

– X-Rite Intellitrax 2 Support – M0, M1 & M3

– Updated Intellitrax 1/EasyTrax recognition

[New Sync Server Features]

– Sync Templates to remote servers.

– Sync Colourbars to remote servers.

– Sync Ink & Paper dryback to remote servers.

– Sync Targets to remote servers.



[New Client Features]

– Added DMS Rasterbox export

– Auto detect an installed Server over a local network (TCP port 9090)

– Extra database checks on login.


[Client Features]

– Editable Job names & Client References


[Client Features]

– Minimum System Windows 7 SP1 (32/64bit) or MacOS X 10.7.5+

– Multicolour ICC profile support.

– Create Jobs from remote URL links. presssign8://

– Generate Job URLs and email them.

– X-Rite i1IO table support (M0, M1, M2).

– Techkon Spectrodrive Gen 2 (M0, M1, M2).

– Auto Job creation from EFI Colorproof / EFI Fiery XF servers.

– Select default standard sets during install (FOGRA datasets, ISO 12647, GraCol G7 2013)

– Add some default proofing colourbars during install.

– Export a proof evaluation PDF which shows average/maximum delta E.

– G7 grey balance criteria can be scored in a standard.

– Choose a tolerance / scoring presets when creating a new standard.

– Choice of VLT, ISO 20654 SCTV, Spectral density spot TVI calculations in a standard.

– Updating job settings only reloads the job if it is necessary.

[Server Features]

– Minimum System Windows 7 SP1 (32/64bit) or MacOS X 10.7.5+

– pressSIGN Database Server upgraded to 64 bit postgreSQL 9.5 on supported platforms (MacOS, Windows 64bit).

– Old data is automatically migrated during install.

– License, Sync and Web servers are now separate processes.

– Job syncing is no longer performed by the pressSIGN User Client, but by a Sync server using TCP Port 5533.

– Web icon(png) can be selected during Web Server Install.


[New Client Features]

– Choose a measurement condition when importing a CxF3 spot colour library.

– Unknown Spot colours in SVF files are added to Auto Mode Jobs.

– Unknown Spot colours in SVF files are added to a ‘SVF’ spot colour library.

– Export Tab delimited job info.

[Server Features]

– Server has an auto session logout


[New Server Features]

– Server can be configured to serve web pages over an SSL connection only.

– Server Security updated.

[New GPM Client Features]

– Configure Remote Internet Servers to use an SSL connection.


[NEW Client Features]

– Minimum and Maximum tolerance graphs shown on the TVI diagram.

[GPM Client Changes]

– Restricted internet servers can be chosen from a pre defined list.

– Filter by grey balance, and dot gain scores.


[New Client Features]

– New dynamic search for jobs

– Spot TVI Score can be turned off independently

– Spot TVI Score can be turned off for VLT(i.e. where target tints have not been defined).

– Updated colour comparison tool, showing showing delta L and delta *ab and improved auto targets.

– Single patch list changed to show all, measured or averaged patches and can be filtered to show all, cmyk, spot or individual colours.

– Auto logout after an adjustable idle period. Disconnects from remote servers.

– Eye icon in the measurement list shows which measurements are currently being displayed or averaged.

– [PRO] Auto Mode will create a new job if an configurable time has passed since the last measurement.


[New Client Features]

– PANTONE+ Extended Gamut Coated

– Clarios Runtime Data Export Option imported in Auto Mode

– 4CX and NDPC(G7) feathering slider to configure maximum dot adjustments

[New Client Features]

– Softproofs show CMYK values and estimated measured/target Lab values.

– X-Rite i1 PRO 2 M0, M1 & M2. Zebra ruler and non repeating colour bars are required.

– X-Rite i1 PRO 2 Low Resolution Mode support.

– Techkon SpectroJet M1 Support

– Auto Mode for Heidelberg files(Axis Control 1 & 2, CPC24 & Image Control 1 & 2). Automatically create jobs using Templates.

[New Server Features]

– Optimise the speed of the database depending on estimated concurrent usage.

[New GPM Client Features]

– Internet Servers can be added/edited separately from the Client window.

– Clicking on a GPM icon opens the sync status window

[GPM Server Features]

– Sync Client names to remote sites.

– pressSIGN Server API


[New Client Features]

– Export Colour Libraries as CxF3


– Sitegroup Administrators are properly allocated

– Saving Searches with Sitegrops.

– Syncing multi spot colour dryback data.

– Adding to single sites using some non english languages.



– Updated Search.

– Database configuration on a new install

– Mobile activation codes used when the server runs on Windows Server 2008 & 2012



– Ink substitution

– Web Server shows Year to Date Information

– Site Groups. Group multiple sites together. i.e. into regions.

– Allocate settings to Site Groups. These settings are automatically allocated to all site in the sitegroup.

– Select which Spot libraries will be synced to other GPM servers who are syncing to this server

– Show whether a spot library is synced or remote.

– Auto Mode for SVF Files. Automatically creates job based on SVF content using Templates

– Spot colour dryback

– Choose which colours to add, replace or merge into the dryback data

– New Job Templates

– Hot folder colour aliasing using wildcards

– Internal Spot libraries are shown as locked

– Hot folder files are sorted by both job name and file date

– Scan button in the toolbar

– Sheet width when creating a new job which controls the length travelled by scanning devices.

– Monitoring an active job only refreshes single measurements, rather than reloaded inthe whole job on a change.

– Open Jobs from URL links presssign://command=openjob&job=xxxxx (link your own databases to pressSIGN Jobs)

– New dryback manager where you select the wet and dry measurement to create the dryback

– Client Reference

– Select ISO 12647-2, GraCol 2013 & JapanColor default sets during install