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Top 5 Reasons for Printing and Buying Print to Standards

Not all printers love standards: Some like to think that they already print “beyond” the standards; others feel that printing to standards is an unnecessary burden that gets in the way of production. Here’s why printing and buying to standards … Continue reading

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Print and Brand Identity. Why Don’t We Analyze?

Brand owner used analytics to establish their color image. So why don’t they do the same to maintain the integrity of their printed colors? Marketing is one of the most analytics-driven activities imaginable, yet even with powerful color reporting now … Continue reading

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Will This Year’s Process Control Resolutions Last?

One of the most frequent calls I get is from printers who have had great success with process control but now find it slipping away from them as they drift back to old habits. In the grind of deadline production … Continue reading

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Still Waiting for that Aha! moment

Everybody has heard about printing to specifications, but many printers still haven’t had any sudden flashes of inspiration over it. Are they missing something, or is printing to specs more a pain in the *** than anything? Everyone has had, … Continue reading

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The Quality Paradox: When High-End Printers Struggle with Standards

We know why average printers struggle with standards and consistency; but why do the highest-quality printers sometimes find the same issues so challenging? It’s easy to understand why mediocre printers have difficulty hitting print standards. They frequently lack the required … Continue reading

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ISO 3664, OBA’s and Paper

The ISO 3664 lighting standard was meant to give a more realistic simulation of real-world viewing conditions by increasing the amount of activity in UV spectral regions. Mission accomplished; but it has also revealed long-standing issues in proof-press matching that … Continue reading

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ISO 3664: New Lighting Standard

Well, I can’t believe how long it has been since I posted to the blog. Shame on me! A lot happened at the recent IPA color conference in Phoenix, but one of the most interesting developments happened outside of the … Continue reading

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Reflections on Dot Gain

Dot gain, one of the fundamental metrics of printing, has recently come to be called TVI or Tonal Value Increase. It’s a distinction without a difference, an attempt to deal with the fact that digital prints may not have dots, … Continue reading

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