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Thin Slicing the Color Buy: Accurate Color from a Sea of Possibilities

The colors most important to your printing client many be any of the 16.8 million different colors that can be defined within the printing process: How can you possibly determine if your printer has done an acceptably accurate job of … Continue reading

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Process Control Habits

Coming into mid-Janurary, many people who had made resolutions to become fit are realizing that physical fitness is not a “once and done” project but a continuous habit of daily striving. Achieving true process control in a printing process is … Continue reading

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The Male Code in the Pressroom

We all know about the Male Code, that collection of  rules that governs the behavior of guys: Always split the lunch bill in two, no matter what, never speak in a public restroom, and never, ever, ever ask for directions. But how about … Continue reading

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