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Not Just How Well….but How, as Well

It’s understood that print buyers are concerned with quality and price, and printers are concerned with efficiency and profitability; but a recent presentation by Martine Padilla made me realize that these goals are not only not in conflict, but are … Continue reading

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Recycling is Good: Reducing Waste is Even Better

By now, recycling is a given for nearly all responsible printers. Additional and even more significant gains in sustainability can be achieved by becoming more efficient and reducing waste from the start. I recently visited a very large packaging printer, … Continue reading

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Solar Powered Printing Press

A solar powered printing press still sounds futuristic, and probably little impractical, but in fact a working solar press was demonstrated back in the ’80s…..the 1880′s. Abel Pifre demonstrated his press in 1882 and used sunlight concentrated using an 11 … Continue reading

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