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The Quality Paradox: When High-End Printers Struggle with Standards

We know why average printers struggle with standards and consistency; but why do the highest-quality printers sometimes find the same issues so challenging? It’s easy to understand why mediocre printers have difficulty hitting print standards. They frequently lack the required … Continue reading

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Not Just How Well….but How, as Well

It’s understood that print buyers are concerned with quality and price, and printers are concerned with efficiency and profitability; but a recent presentation by Martine Padilla made me realize that these goals are not only not in conflict, but are … Continue reading

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ISO 3664, OBA’s and Paper

The ISO 3664 lighting standard was meant to give a more realistic simulation of real-world viewing conditions by increasing the amount of activity in UV spectral regions. Mission accomplished; but it has also revealed long-standing issues in proof-press matching that … Continue reading

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“I Just Need One Good Sheet to the Numbers”

For prepress managers, “One good sheet to the numbers” is often all they need to help press operators get better results via corrective plate curves. So why is it so hard to get one?  I take a look at that question … Continue reading

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Silly Process Control Songs

You’d think that printers would have had enough of inadequate process control practices. But I look around me and I see it isn’t so. Oh no…Printers may be focusing on expanding into new services even as they let their core … Continue reading

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The New Prep/Press Relationship

After years on opposite sides of the wall, press and prep departments are forging new bonds, and it’s a beautiful thing. Everybody who has seen “Casablanca” at least once (and isn’t that everybody?) remembers the last line of the movie … Continue reading

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Recycling is Good: Reducing Waste is Even Better

By now, recycling is a given for nearly all responsible printers. Additional and even more significant gains in sustainability can be achieved by becoming more efficient and reducing waste from the start. I recently visited a very large packaging printer, … Continue reading

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The Last Accordionist Standing

Some printers balk at investing in themselves because they see print as a shrinking industry, and they chose to ride it out to its soon-to-come demise rather than take a chance spending money to improve their process and become leaders … Continue reading

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Should Color Bars be Optimized?

It seems only yesterday that debate raged, or at least quietly burbled, regarding plate curves and color bars. “Should color bars be curved, or should they be linear?” was the question that inquiring minds wanted to know. Happily, that question … Continue reading

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We’ve Got a Guy Who Does That

A big part of what I do as a color consultant involves helping printers to achieve better quality and efficiency through process control, color management and enhanced communication.  Not all printers understand the need at first, but most do finally … Continue reading

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The 6 P’s of Presswork (It’s not just the pressman)

Hat tip to Brian Lawler  for posting this photo of female press operators at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo on his blog. The six P’s of presswork and putting them all together A recent internet discussion asked the question: … Continue reading

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Where do Packaging Buyers Come From?

  (And how is a box different from a poster?) I worked for many years with print buyers from the entertainment industry-those hip and trendy people who bridge the space between the glamor world of Hollywood and the grubby trenches … Continue reading

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Why Can’t My Offset Printer Match His Own Digital Samples?

The most frustrating continuing problem in the fabric and garment field is color matching. I’m not talking here about matching solid colors in large-scale textile production, which is a separate problem. I mean matching the designer’s intention when printing patterns … Continue reading

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Thin Slicing the Color Buy: Accurate Color from a Sea of Possibilities

The colors most important to your printing client many be any of the 16.8 million different colors that can be defined within the printing process: How can you possibly determine if your printer has done an acceptably accurate job of … Continue reading

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Press Cycles

  By now, if you have been paying attention, you have probably come to realize that an offset printing press cannot be controlled through density alone.  The success of the G7 process has demonstrated that gray balance is the single … Continue reading

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