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Why Can’t My Offset Printer Match His Own Digital Samples?

The most frustrating continuing problem in the fabric and garment field is color matching. I’m not talking here about matching solid colors in large-scale textile production, which is a separate problem. I mean matching the designer’s intention when printing patterns … Continue reading

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Thin Slicing the Color Buy: Accurate Color from a Sea of Possibilities

The colors most important to your printing client many be any of the 16.8 million different colors that can be defined within the printing process: How can you possibly determine if your printer has done an acceptably accurate job of … Continue reading

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Press Cycles

  By now, if you have been paying attention, you have probably come to realize that an offset printing press cannot be controlled through density alone.  The success of the G7 process has demonstrated that gray balance is the single … Continue reading

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Racing to Success in the Pressroom

  Printing seems like a world apart from the competitive world of NASCAR racing, but a recent conversation with a friend convinced me that the two have something very surprising in common. My friend works in the quality control department … Continue reading

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Obstacles to Technology Implementation

It is not necessary to change.  Survival is not mandatory.  ~W. Edwards Deming To those of us who enjoy reading technical articles, or attending technical conferences, the idea of change is bracing. We embrace change, and we like technology. We … Continue reading

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Moneyball Lessons

A recent airline trip lead me to do something I rarely do: watch a baseball movie. But “Moneyball: Winning at an Unfair Game” is not your usual sports flick, and the lessons it teaches about trusting analysis over instinct and … Continue reading

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Solar Powered Printing Press

A solar powered printing press still sounds futuristic, and probably little impractical, but in fact a working solar press was demonstrated back in the ’80s…..the 1880′s. Abel Pifre demonstrated his press in 1882 and used sunlight concentrated using an 11 … Continue reading

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Technology is not (Necessarily) the Answer

Every once in a while I get the feeling that the print industry’s ability to think clearly is declining along with its market share. Printers with shrinking pockets put hard-to-find resources into expensive technological fixes in the hope that with … Continue reading

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Process Control Habits

Coming into mid-Janurary, many people who had made resolutions to become fit are realizing that physical fitness is not a “once and done” project but a continuous habit of daily striving. Achieving true process control in a printing process is … Continue reading

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ISO 3664: New Lighting Standard

Well, I can’t believe how long it has been since I posted to the blog. Shame on me! A lot happened at the recent IPA color conference in Phoenix, but one of the most interesting developments happened outside of the … Continue reading

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Reflections on Dot Gain

Dot gain, one of the fundamental metrics of printing, has recently come to be called TVI or Tonal Value Increase. It’s a distinction without a difference, an attempt to deal with the fact that digital prints may not have dots, … Continue reading

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Solving our Problems with Stuff

Every time I return to work from a trip to a trade show or technical conference, I have the same impression: “Wow!” “How about all that stuff!” By stuff I mean all the solutions that get presented to a rapt … Continue reading

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The Male Code in the Pressroom

We all know about the Male Code, that collection of  rules that governs the behavior of guys: Always split the lunch bill in two, no matter what, never speak in a public restroom, and never, ever, ever ask for directions. But how about … Continue reading

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Can we really tell how well a pressrun will match a proof will look by measuring a few patches on the tail of the sheet? A lot of old time pressmen will tell you that it’s impossible, that “We’re not … Continue reading

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